Rustic Pillar Candle

3" x 6" Aromatherapy Pillar Candle

  • Category: Jasmine & Vetiver




 Our Palm Wax is certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Because we value sustainability and have values firmly rooted in holistic living and stewardship of our planet. We are assured that:

Producers are not actively cutting down rain forest.

Endangered species habitat is not being destroyed tor grow palm crops.

Supplier is not in active conflict over land rights with indigenous peoples.

Natural peat bogs are being sustained.

Our Palm Wax is sourced from Ecuador, where there are no Orangutans. Pesticides are not used on the landscape or farms. We have taken the extra step to contact our Palm Our wax supplier works toward a maintaining positive social impact and land and water use practices. They give 1% of their sales annually to social and environmental stewardship programs. The plantations are planted on land that has been previously farmed, no rainforest was cleared for this crop. Trees are planted on degraded land, where farming practices increase the integrity of the local environment, and are fertilized with organic, self-made compost. Small farmers are encouraged, strengthening rural communities. Communities are educated on healthy living practices; our supplier recently hired a community doctor and a soccer coach for the local school.